Abigail Madeline

Abigail Madeline


Photography is my hobby, creative outlet, therapy and simply makes me happy. I’ve always been interested in art, and when I was younger, drawing was my main creative outlet. Then I discovered Photoshop, and suddenly every family picture became an opportunity to see what would happen if… When I served as editor of my high school  yearbook and ended up having to retake several sports pictures, I discovered I not only loved editing–but taking pictures as well.

Over the years, photography has become one of my biggest pleasures in life. I love working with longtime friends to strangers, striving to capture those genuine moments of joy and identity.

All these pictures are mine and cannot be used, reproduced, or modified without my written permission.

“Hence a perverse syllogism: if everything is art, than nothing is art.”  -Affonso de Romano de Santa Anna