In the past five weeks I have completed a yearbook, gotten my wisdom teeth out, gone to the first couple classes of my senior year completely high because of said wisdom teeth, moved into an apartment, shot an engagement and celebrated my 21st birthday.  One of my sisters has moved to Chicago, another to DC, and the last one to South Africa. Not gonna lie–I am beyond excited about the opportunities that drew them to those places, but I’ve been having a little pity party for myself that I need to get over soon.

My website was hacked due to a security flaw about three weeks ago, and I have now successfully rebuilt my entire site with the help of many friends. It is now more secure than ever, and hopefully better looking even. It was a learning experience, but I’m thankful for it now that its over. Thank you for your patience while it was getting rebuilt.

Life is good. I’m excited about my senior year. Also terrified–but mostly excited. The three pictures at the top are some of my favorites from this summer.

Carrie Underwood “Play On”